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The “Epstein Files” – an investigation by Counter Globalist News

The "Epstein Files" - an investigation by Counter Globalist News

It seems that today nobody is ignorant of Jeffrey Epstein‘s murder and what he did during his infamous life.

While the news about Epstein continues to circulate people continue to speculate on whether or not he was murdered. The important thing to be asking isn’t if but rather why

It’s obvious that he was murdered. Anyone can see that there is nothing consistent in the Jeffrey Epstein Files other than that fact.

The Facts So Far:

So, Why Was He Killed?

Because he blackmailed a lot of people. It’s actually a pretty simple answer.

The FBI found many video tapes with powerful people’s names on them. Their contents have never been released to the public so its left to us to speculate what could be on them.

It’s been said that he made a living from blackmail. That’s the reason he created Pedophile Island.

The people who murdered him think they’re safe now, but they’ve just made themselves bigger targets.

We are onto you and we are still investigating.

What are “The Epstein Files”

Consider the investigation into Epstein and his affiliates ongoing.

We may not be able to link them to their crimes but we can expose their associations and assassinate their characters.

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