Universities Teaching Pedophilia – Class on “Sexual Pleasure & Response in Infants”


PEDOGATE is in Our Universities!

A human sexuality class at the University of North Texas, led by professor Terry E. Davis, asks enlisted students to observe “sexual interactions” in toddlers. The college class also incorporated a slideshow presentation titled “Sexual Pleasure and Response in Infants.”

Classroom Slideshow Titled "Sexual Pleasure & Response in Infants"

A report from The College Fix disclosed that a program at the University of North Texas is taking a strange stance on the sexualization of little kids. The program, which is titled “Psychology and Sexual Behavior,” has been slammed for an alleged lesson on “sexual pleasure” in “infants.” Photos from the classroom show a PowerPoint slideshow put together by professor Terry E. Davis with the title “Sexual Pleasure and Response in Infants” were leaked by an anonymous student.

Here are several of the pedophile program’s “Learning Objectives”

  • Discuss examples that demonstrate how infants of both sexes are born with the capacity for sexual pleasure and response.
  • Describe the incidence and frequency of masturbation among male and female adolescents.
  • Summarize what the research reveals regarding the incidence of and reasons for intercourse, including multi-person sex, among adolescents. What factors are related to early or late initiation of intercourse? Include a discussion of the racial and ethnic differences regarding intercourse.

The College Fix highlighted a passage from the program’s textbook, which is called “Our Sexuality“. This passage asks students to head to a local grade school playground or day care facility to observe “sexual interactions” between the toddlers.

The controversial book’s editor, Laura Widman, informed The College Fix that she would definitely hesitate to bring pupils to a local grade school or childcare center to observe “sexual interactions” between little children.

“I can say that as an instructor I have never used that activity and I would be quite surprised if any instructor has asked their students to observe children on a playground,” the editor claimed.

Maybe the Authors of “Our Sexuality”, Robert L. Crooks and Karla Baur, should explain why they included an exercise consisting of spying on little kids hoping to see sexual behavior present itself… Obviously, if it wasn’t intended to be used, then it wouldn’t have been inserted into the college textbook.

The gas lighting isn’t working anymore. America is waking up to these criminal pedophiles’ favorite strategies for damage control.

Deny, disrupt and divert are the three main techniques that the globalists utilize to sideline investigations into their crimes. Clearly, PEDOGATE isn’t just a conspiracy theory.

Professor Thomas K. Hubbard also Promotes Pedophilia in his Classroom

Professor Thomas K. Hubbard, at the University of Texas in Austin, has come under scrutiny from members of the Austin community for his academic write-up on the relationship between grown men and teenagers. Some leaders of the community even began demanding Hubbard’s termination from the University.

Students are demanding the removal of this professor because he circulated a 22-page article in the publication Thymos entitled “Sexual Consent and the Adolescent Male, or What Can We Learn From the Greeks.”

Hubbard, is a well-known and outspoken supporter for pedophilia. He is a classics professor at UT who teaches courses like “Homosexuality in Ancient Greece & Rome,” which normalize pedophilia and promote intimate partnerships between full-grown men and underage boys.

This deviant has called for decreasing the age of consent, has been publicized by NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) for his numerous works refuting the presence of statutory rape and age of consent legislation, and is notoriously championed in internet pedophile forums.

Hubbard likewise led a course at UT named the “Mythology of Rape,” where he required students to write about their prior experiences with rape, and afterwards later forced them to argue whether or not it is really rape under Texas penal code. This course is now banned at UT because of a high quantity of grievances. However, Hubbard is still teaching and continues to use this sexist-pedophilic rhetoric in his latest classes, and is famous for his misogynistic comments towards female pupils.

According to H-News Wire, UT Austin Professor Thomas Hubbard has come under attack for an entire series of scholarly articles that have glorified sexual relationships between older men and teenage boys.

In one extract from Hubbard’s published work, the classics professor went as far as suggesting that pederastic relationships were advantageous to boys in Ancient Greece.

In December of 2018, the Dallas Morning News submitted an editorial titled “A UT professor ‘researches’ pederasty. Why are we paying for it?” which focused on Hubbard’s study. “Pederasty” describes sensual relationships in between full-grown men and juvenile or teen boys. Such relationships are considered statutory rape or child sexual abuse in the majority of the modern-day environment.

What Hubbard learned from the Greeks, obviously, is that the general public absolutely needs to reconsider age-of-consent legislation that is intended to shield children from sex predators. Ancient Greece, he argues, showed us that “where age-discrepant relationships are commonplace and positively reinforced, they cause little or no long-term harm to the younger partner and often confer great benefit,” he wrote.

“That’s not all. The issue of boys without parents in their lives may well be solved by having men copulate with those boys,” he writes. “Pederastic intimacy evolved in part as a social mechanism for addressing it.” He continues to write, “contemporary U.S. culture has not compensated for the magnitude of the problem.”

Hubbard consistently submits that age-of-consent regulations restrict the free sexuality of teenagers. Hubbard’s paper urging the unraveling of age-of-consent laws is a tough read, as unsystematic in its philosophy as it is monstrous in its conclusions.

He paints a wide and unsupported portrait of “feminists” and “sensationalistic journalism” as leading America to establish age-of-consent regulations, even as he casually brushes aside Athenian culture’s terrible embrace of slavery and the servitude of women. (They got that part wrong, he claims, but the intimacy with young boys was just perfect.).

Hubbard declares that he does not maintain an extreme position on the age of consent regulations. In an interview, he declared that he has proposed for a reduction of America’s age of consent laws, yet only to match those of most European countries.

In response, numerous university students at UT are asking for the professors’ firing.

The students point out that Thomas Hubbard’s scholastic writing “advocates for violent crime against teen boys” and is being praised in internet platforms that encourage pedophilia. In works assessed by The Austin American-Stateman, which initially reported on the clash, the professor of classics at UT’s College of Liberal Arts calls intimate partnerships of grown men and boys in historic cultures a “proper learning experience.”.

Independently, in 2010, Hubbard apparently composed an academic piece evaluating sexual consent amongst young boys in antiquity, calling existing age of consent regulations a “sad by-product” of a “naive and self-righteous era” comparable to prohibition.

One of the professor’s previous students said concerning the course, “He also had us write a paper over lowering the age of consent and lowering the punishment for sexually assaulting a child under the age of 6 (apparently 6 and under don’t know assault is bad, they only think it is bad later on because they are told it is bad). We were also asked about our sexual preferences in class and asked if we ever had a desire to be raped.” Hubbard likewise requires pupils in his courses to spew his very own vile views in their homework so as to get more desirable grades.

Hubbard, who had been paranoid for weeks about becoming the next to fall prey to the militaristic student organizers, reportedly locked the doors to his classrooms. Police appeared within five minutes of the protesters banging at his door yelling, “Hubbard Hubbard you can’t hide, we know you’re a pedophile!”

The angry college students continued to persist with their protest regardless of the four patrol cars loaded with police officers that showed up to protect the pedophile champion.

After the Students for Safety circulated a press release to UT students on social networks, Hubbard defended his work in a written Q & A; claiming that there “is no evidence of adverse mental health effects in countries with lower ages of consent” and pedophilia is different from pederasty.

” I write mainly about ancient Greece, where ‘pedophilia’ (as defined by psychiatry’s Diagnostic & Statistical Manual, 5th Edition) is not part of the cultural record,” said Hubbard. “I do discuss the very different phenomenon of ‘pederasty’– romantic courtship of adolescent males, which was practiced in complex historical cultures as diverse as Ancient Greece, Han-dynasty China, Renaissance Florence, and Samurai-era Japan, as well as some Melanesian, Asian, and African tribal cultures.”.

He included: “How teen sexuality should be regulated and how legal violations should be punished are legitimate areas of research and debate among scholars and public policy professionals. Historical and cross-cultural evidence have a place in such discussions.”.

College spokesperson Shilpa Bakre advised The Daily Beast that “the university condemns ideas or world views that exploit or harm individuals” however, “the study of controversial and even offensive ideas is protected by academic freedom and the First Amendment– as is the right of others to strongly disagree with and draw attention to those ideas.”.

” If someone is alleged to violate university policy or takes actions that threaten the safety of the campus community, the university will respond swiftly, investigating allegations thoroughly and imposing sanctions as warranted,” Bakre went on.

The repercussion to Hubbard’s writing happened after weeks of protests on campus by student leaders who have demanded the university to fire professors with histories of sexual misconduct. He is still working at UT.

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  1. I find it very disturbing to hear he is allowed to continue teaching! He doesn’t take into consideration that a child’s brain is not fully developed to make a decision as complex as having sex. Sex is physical, mental & emotional. He has no evidence what harm came to those Greek children! And the majority of the world does not allow marriage/sex until a young woman goes through menses. And the thought of him studying infants makes me physically ill. Sorry, but I say this is pornography in disguise & he should be arrested or at the very least not able to teach ever again!

  2. Are people so brainless that they don’t see this is Pedophiles Kinsey’s Luciferian “Sex Education” repeated all over again??? That was completely exposed as Fraud~!!! He single handed turned American culture into a perverse society (including Cheating in Marriage, Pornography, etc etc)……was even exposed that there was Pedophile Brainwashing in all the Porno Magazines (Eg. Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse etc)……these FULL DOCUMENTARIES can be found for free on YouTube…..

    The Kinsey Syndrome – Full Documentary

    Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles

  3. Must be following Alfred Kinsey’s 1940’s sex research material that used prison inmates to manually stimulate infants as young as two months for repeated orgasms. Where did they get the children???? This is the slime that has been used to introduce sex ed and perversion into society and touted as THE up and coming (no pun intended) model for sexuality world wide. Check it out.

  4. All I can say is this is disgusting and he should be fired. We have to stop pedophiles and this profess is a sick M F’er

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