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We are pleased to announce a $2 million gift to the Wikimedia Endowment from George Soros, one of the world’s leading philanthropists. Soros is known for his extensive philanthropy to support…

Source: George Soros, founder of Open Society Foundations, invests in the future of free and open knowledge – Wikimedia Foundation

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One thought on “Reminder: George Soros Main Contributor of Wikipedia”

  1. Put your pitchforks down, the internet is waayy bigger than Wikipedia. Besides, many colleges don’t even accept Wikipedia as credible reference (at least the one I went to didn’t). The internet (when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge) can boiled into this equation, ‘religion, politics = disinfo’ ‘everything else = good.’
    For your religion and politics, just read books. Trust me it will put you miles above the competition.

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