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National Police Database Gathers 160 MILLION License Plate “Sightings” Monthly – Tracks Drivers In Real-Time

There’s a National Police Database that’s tracking every driver in America in real-time.


Forget everything you have ever heard about police license plate readers and public safety, because it is all a lie.

Three major automatic license plate reader (ALPR) companies have created a mind-boggling database of 14 billion license plates that allows law enforcement to track anyone in real-time.

The Digital Recognition Network (DRN) has a database of over 8 billion license plates and boasts about sending customers (law enforcement) live vehicle location alerts.

“If you think there is nothing you can do to automatically detect vehicles, think again. DRN’s Live Alerts, part of the DRNsights for Insurance solution, uses vehicle location data gathered from over 8 billion nationwide sightings plus the 160 million gathered each month, to provide alerts when vehicles are detected.”

Full Story: 14 Billion Police License Plate Database That Knows Where You Are In Real-Time

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