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Women are all over Twitter today, whining about how entitled they are.

SJWs are trying to create something to fight. People are actually mad that CVS no longer wants to go through a complicated process with insurance companies to save customers a little money. But they are twisting it into “sexisss white men patriarchy oppressing us women who NEED birth control”. It makes me laugh actually.

The best response I saw by far:

This just shows how entitled and petty these SJW types are getting. The days of people fighting against a real problem are over. Now is the time of SJW creating things to attack their opposition for.

Lets be real here. The reason #BoycottCVS is trending has nothing to do with birth control and everything to do with the Executives of CVS being Trump supporters and Twitter executives hating Trump.

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One thought on “Leftist Women on Twitter Complain CVS Won’t Jump Through Hoops to Provide Cheap Birth Control Anymore – #CVSDeniesCare #BoycottCVS Hashtags Trend”

  1. Stupid people have always existed, Twitter just gave them an outlet. With that being said, I wish women would stop using birth control: it’s really harmful to their organs long term. Maybe just close their legs, use a condom or get a man with a real job to make it possible, then they can quit their day job and be an actual Mother to those kids, just a thought. No, you got 20-30 something women living single, working and fucking on the weekend. They don’t want to grow up and be a mother, or if they do have one bastard kid that spends most his time in daycare or with the babysitter.

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