Donald Trump is helping Black Families more than the first “Black” President did.

Black Business ownership has increased 400% in the last year alone. Black unemployment is at a record low. This is a couple of the statistics that you will never hear about on your Television.

In this past year, President Trump has helped Black families more than any president in recent history. But will the black community ever hear about it? Not if the mainstream fake news has anything to say about it.

According to CNN Trump is racist. According to MSNBC the President is trying to start a race war. Even the right’s beloved Fox News is joining the attack. If that’s not evidence that we should support him, what is?

I hate the establishment. As readers of my articles, I’m guessing you aren’t very fond of it either.

How do we combat the establishment’s control of information flow?

Direct messages.

This is such an old concept you probably forgot they existed.

If you have news you want to share, forget posting it to the echo chamber of social media. Instead, get on your social media and MESSAGE your friends/followers individually. This is the only way you can truly sidestep the shadowbanning that is plaguing the internet.

Just remember, this is a fight. Do you want to win? Then DO SOMETHING!




Source: HISTORIC! Black Business Ownership Under Trump Jumps 400% in ONE YEAR

Anti-Globalist, Anti-Corruption, Anti-NWO.

Illuminati beware, your bane is here.

Lestado Codicus
Anti-Globalist, Anti-Corruption, Anti-NWO. Illuminati beware, your bane is here.

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