Democrats Are the Ones Who Have Been Inciting Violence against Their Political Opponents

violent leftists

The language of physical aggression is bellowed loud and clear from the political, cultural, journalistic, and academic classes of the Left. These aren’t vague, ambiguous slips of the tongue; these are direct calls to violence.

After the spectacle of Robert Mueller’s real time crumbling apart like a stale cookie, pundits took to the air to voice their frustration that Democrats are simply not tough enough to take on the Trump machine.  For what it’s worth, recurring mosquito Joe Scarborough buzzed, “If you want to stop Donald Trump, it is time to … roll up your sleeves and go after him and do whatever it takes to win”.  Michael Moore tweeted that Trump wins because “he understands that Dems aren’t street fighters”.  It’s a crude but successful tactic.  It’s the I thought I married a real man, but I guess I was wrong attempt to shame your partner into dealing with life’s challenges more forcefully.

Over at National Review, Michael Brendan Dougherty opined that Trump’s victories are the result of a timid opposition.  He writes that “aggression is not the natural language of our political class”.  I would argue that he is half right.  Many Republicans, especially the self-proclaimed “principled” types, are loath to use not just aggressive language, but any uncouth monosyllabic brogue they consider beneath their pedigree.  But aggressive language seems ominously natural when leftists speak about pretty much anyone who disagrees with them.

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