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Black Voter Support of Trump Almost Doubled

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Since this day last year, President Donald J. Trump’s support from the black community has almost doubled.

In the past year, support from black voters for Donald Trump has risen from 19% to 36%. It’s good to see so many people are waking up to the mainstream fake news brainwashing.

Because all the fake news agencies have to attack Trump with are lies, people trust them less every day. But it makes you wonder… Why would they sabotage themselves like this?

Some people are speculating that there is something big coming. Personally, I feel like those people are right.

In the past year the media has thrown its credibility to the wind and are trying to squeeze out the last bit of influence they have left before finally dying.

Is the establishment planning a government takeover? A Coup d’etat? An economic collapse? Another false flag terror attack?

Perhaps they are going to attack their own people to further demonize the Right.

At the end of the day, nobody really knows what to expect. This is what chaos looks like and the elite’s love it.


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3 thoughts on “Black Voter Support of Trump Almost Doubled

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