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Alexandria Ocasio-Crackhead Projecting Behavior Onto President Trump

AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC uses tired old tactic of projection on President Trump.

As usual, AOC is spouting delusions. It’s like when a child breaks something and blames it on their sibling who then proceeds to blame them back. Its just a tactic used to confuse people.

When your supporters are all idiots I suppose its easy to convince them of anything. I can hear their rhetoric now: “If a congresswoman says there’s concentration camps then there must be… There’s no way someone who’s in power would lie to us.” Ignorance can be bliss. It can also be your ruin.

Hey Democrats. Do us all a favor. Start using those brains of yours before its too late.

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2 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Crackhead Projecting Behavior Onto President Trump

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